Swarming Cups- Photoshop Project

BeanTheresa Sybmol CupSwarm finalMy theme was to create drama out of the mundane. I wanted to be able to explore not only the inner beauty of an object, but also convey a message about that object. The idea behind this piece was to highlight one mundane object, a plastic cup, and transform them into some thing else.   I highlighted the plastic cup because it an often overlooked item the people used without consideration of it  environmental impacts.  By creating a swarm of these cups I want the viewer to see the object  for not only what is but what it represents, the overwhelming use and dependence on plastic goods.

The Start of Something New

As an artist I find that constantly challenging myself often results in my best work. Sometimes taking risks pays off often it leads to mistakes, but learning and adapting from those mistakes comes with the territory. Though my work has of been based in expressive, find myself wanting to push the abstracting and expression in my work to new extremes.  Today I decided to take that leap and started a new diptych.  It is going to be the first in my new body of work about the intricate beauty and fragility of a web. This  the start of the under-painting for my web series. It is combination of acrylic and paper collaging.

In progress under- painting for web diptych.

In progress under- painting for web diptych.

Theresa Bean Phot 385 Sec 01 Semester Theme

We live in very connected digital world. Many people are so connected to their digital devices they pay little attention to anything else. They often go through their lives tunnel vision and miss want is going around them in the physical world. Their focus is on what is in front of them and fail to notice the simple splendor that it encompasses them. As an artist I like to look at things that are usually overlooked by people in passing. By taking these ordinary things people do not usually think of and highlighting them as piece of artwork on its own I want convey that beauty in daily life. This semester I want to take this concept apply it to my work. My goal is to create dramatic things from the unnoticed and the mundane. The purpose of this would be to take these disregarded things and put them in different setting and context and allow viewers observe around them in way they may have never before thought that they could.